Hair Restoration Applicator Bottle 28 grams .99 oz. Fiber

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Hair Restoration Applicator Bottle 28 grams .99 oz. Fiber

$39.99 $19.49

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Finally Hair Full Applicator Bottle

Finally Hair is a hair loss concealer made up of hair building fibers that cover your bald spots instantly.  The hair fibers are protein based keratin micro fibers designed to match the color of your existing hair and to cover any embarrassing bald or thinning spots. The fibers work perfectly for both men and women of all ages.

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Finally Hair Restoration Full Applicator Bottle

Finally Hair is a hair restoration product made up of hair building fibers that cover your bald spots instantly.  The hair restoration fibers are composed of micro fibers designed to match the color of your existing hair and to cover bald or thinning spots. The fibers work perfectly for both men and women of all ages and instantly restore your appearance.

  • Finally Hair is a 100% SAFE drug free restoration solution and a cost-effective prudent alternative to costly hair transplant procedures that may or may not turn out right. It has no side effects.
  • Use it to combat BOTH male pattern baldness and female hair loss.  This helps people suffering from male and female pattern baldness to instantly put natural looking hair back on their head.
  • After you apply it you won’t suffer from thin hair and baldness which causes aggravation and humiliation.  Your hair will look restored and you will be smiling.
  • Thist is an instant solution to balding.

Big Size Refillable Applicator Bottle – 28 gram .99 ounce ready to apply in a handy applicator can.  This is not a refill – it is the original unopened brand new can however you can refill this bottle.

We have received over 3500 rave reviews and testimonials from our users already!

One user wrote:

“I have terribly thin hair. I am 63 and have tried everything. I am so thankful that you have invented this great product. I look forward to doing my hair in the morning instead of dreading trying to hide the scalp. I have tried many products but yours, by far, is the best. It means an awful lot to me to look better. Again, Thank you.

Here is how you use it:

Finally Hair can easily be applied in a few easy steps:
1)  For best results, wash, dry & style your hair to so you get maximum coverage with your actual hair.
2)  Make sure the room is not to humid from the shower.  It is best to apply it in normal humidity.
3)  Sprinkle Finally Hair restoration fibers over the thinning area until the scalp is no longer visible. You can either tap the bottle or shake it to release the fibers. As the micro hair fibers continue to land they attach themselves and begin forming a canopy of hair over the scalp, effectively covering any thinning and balding areas very quickly. As you shake the product above the area you wish to thicken or cover the microfibers get electrically charged attach to your existing hair through the natural “static cling” or “electricity” of your hair and the static charge of the fibers which acts like a magnet.
4)  Using your hand, gently pat the microfibers for maximum coverage.
5)  Apply your favorite pump hair spray over the treated area.  Let the hair spray dry.
So Simple, Yet So Effective. It works well on the crown, back and front hairline although we suggest not coming all the way to the front so it looks more natural.  Most people have a receding hairline. Applying the fibers just up to the natural receding hairline will often look more natural.
Ready in just a few minutes!
In only a few minutes the whole process will be complete. It is easy, inexpensive and convenient to incorporate Finally Hair into your daily grooming routine. The best part is that you will be ready to face your day with a head full of hair and be smiling inside.
Finally Hair is a ground breaking product for hair loss sufferers that:
  • Completely conceals thinning bald spots or the appearance of hair loss.
  • Creates a perfectly natural look even close up under bright sun light.
  • Last all day, all night. It is wind resistant.
  • Will not smudge or leave stains on your skin or clothing.
  • Is unisex and works for both men and women of all ages.
  • An essential item for people with Alopecia or going through a cancer treatment including either chemotherapy or radiation which causes hair loss.
Here are the advantages of Finally Hair fibers and why our users rave about it.

Real Hair Restoration Product – No wool or fillers like many others.

Anti-Clump Formula – Doesn’t clump up or absorb moister and get fat.

Clean Pillow Formula – Hardly comes off when used with standard hair sprays like Finesse.

Easy To Apply – Applicator bottle makes it very easy to apply. Finally Hair is effective even when most of the hair is gone and only thin baby hair or “peach fuzz” remains.

Anti Itch Formula – No wool used here!  There are no synthetic dyes or hurtful chemicals, no silica, no artificial fillers, and no preservatives, and no animal ingredients (be kind to animals). The fibers in Finally Hair are not artificial synthetic or man made conjured up fibers made. Finally Hair fibers come from plants. Even the most sensitive of scalps won’t itch.

Try the rest?  This is the best.  Highest Quality On The Market!  Compare to Toppik or Xfusion and you will see.  All the hair loss forums are talking about it. One forum post said, “finally a hair loss concealer that is as good as the top name brands yet is priced right!”.

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